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Clean Portable Toilets and Hand Wash Stations

Impress your guests by providing convenient portable toilets and hand wash stations at your upcoming event. You can rely on Superior Septic and Clean Can's experts to provide the necessary maintenance, waste removal, sanitizing, and weekly cleaning services.

Ready-to-go rentals for all occasions

  • Construction sites or renovation projects

  • Special events

  • Parks and recreation

  • ADA units

  • Hand wash stations

  • Hand sanitizer stations

  • Holding tanks

Call us for weekly cleaning services

If your septic system starts to act up, contact our 24-hour emergency service. Our dedicated staff will help you overcome septic problems before they worsen.

Keep your property neat

and clean during your next

big event.

Look no further for

portable toilets.

Portable hand washing stations are perfect for your work site or event environment. Our durable stations are versatile enough to give your employees and guests the relief they need.


Our services extend across various areas of Texas.


Emergency Services