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Flowing Septic System

Are you experiencing problems with your septic system? Our experts will repair or install your septic system with utmost attention to detail. With routine maintenance of your septic tank and system, you can help reduce spillage, clogs and backups in your home.

Our complete septic services

  • Commercial septic grease pumping and cleaning

  • Residential septic grease pumping and cleaning

  • Septic tank inspection and repair

  • Septic tank Installation

  • Leak detection

  • Car washes

  • Mud traps and grease traps

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Septic repair is an expensive affair. Companies may charge

exorbitant rates for repairs. When you choose our team, you can always count on our honesty and our ethical services.

Let our experienced professionals handle your regular pumping needs to keep your tank clean.

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Have your septic tank serviced by Superior Septic and Clean Can. We have over 30 years of experience serving the residents of Round Rock, TX, and the surrounding areas within a 40-mile radius of Austin.

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